By-Elections E Northants and Irthlingborough

Two by-elections have been held locally.  The first in Barnwell, due to the sad death of Councillor Philip Hardcastle and the second in Irthlingborough Waterloo Ward occasioned by the retirement due to ill health of Councillor Ron Silver.

Results were:

Barnwell                      1,551 electorate, 640 ballot papers, 41.7% turnout

                                  Conservative (Derek Capp)     412 votes

                                  Lib/Dems                                130 votes

                                  Labour                                    101 votes            3 spoilt papers

Irthlingborough           2,010 electorate, 630 ballot papers, 20.9% turnout

                                   Conservative (Sylvia Hobbs)   273 votes

                                   Labour                                    353 votes           4 spoilt papers

A very good turnout in Barnwell but the Irthlingborough vote was very low, possibly due to the council deciding not to send out Poll Cards due to the high cost.

Congratulations of Derek and commiserations to Sylvia.   Although we lost in Irthlingborough the result still gives us a fighting chance at the next elections.   Thank you to all who helped in any way.