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Mon. 3rd Apr 2017 update: Details of Commendation to Cllr Stan Heggs added.  See tab 'News'

Sat. 29 Apr 2017 update: Dissolution of Parliament website amendments carried out.

Fri. 2nd Jun 2017 update: Issue 41 of Political Life magazine added.  See tab 'Our Magazine'

Fri. 2nd Jun 2017 update: Issue 141 of Club Life magazine added. See tab 'Corby Conservative Club'

Sat. 10 Jun 2107 update: Details of General Election result added:  See 'News'

Tue. 24 Jul 2017 update: Issue 42 of Political Life magazine added.  See tab 'Our Magazine'.

Tue. 24 Jul 2017 update: Issue 142 of Club Life magazine added.  See tab 'Corby Conservative Club'.


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Theresa May Florence Speech

It’s good to be here in this great city of Florence today at a critical time in the evolution of the relationship between the United Kingdom and the European Union.

Self-Driving Lorries

Today, the Transport Secretary will announce that platoons of self-driving lorries will be trialed on England’s motorways to improve vehicle efficiency and reduce emissions.

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