Boundary Commission Report

The Conservative Party Manifesto and the Queen's Speech called for a reduction in the number of MPs and an equalization in the size of Constituency Electorates.

The Boundary Commission has now published its proposals for the new Boundaries.   The preliminary proposals indicate that there will be no changes to the Corby Constituency but the proposals are possibly subject to public opinion and feedback.    As there are no changes there seems no reason to object to the proposals but other political parties may put forward alternate proposals so it is important that as many as possible of our supporters give feedback to the Commission.   Personal feedback is possible through the Commission's website (address on the Home page). 

It had been planned to hold a special Executive meeting to discuss any alterations but it now appears that it will be unnecessary and so the meeting has been cancelled. 

After a period of feedback, public hearings and a consultation period the amended proposals will be published in Autumn 2012.  Following a further 8 week consulation period the new Boundaries will be finalised in time for the next General Election.