Three Hustings have been held in the county, the first was at Corby where an audience of over 60 met the candidates and asked questions.  They then voted for their preferred candidate.  The second was at Kettering and the final was at Northampton Conservative Club on Friday 15th June.   All votes were collated and counted and the successful candidate was announced as Adam Simmonds.   Adam has now met the Executive Committee of our Association at a meeting on 28th June where he explained that he has resigned from his current employment and from now on will be a full-time candidate for us.   He outlined a number of his plans at the meeting and has promised to attend as many local meetings of members and residents as he possibly can.  He already has his own website at www.adamsimmondsoffice.org in which explains how he intends to work should he be elected.The election will take place on 15th November 2012 and it was anticipated that there would be a low turnout for this due to the time of the year  and a possibly lack of interest from the public.  However with the likely parliamentary by-election now probably falling on this date electorate participation will be much higher than originally forecast.

The Chairman of our meeting, Peter Atchison, asked all members to get behind Adam in his campaign as it was vital that he is elected.  There will be possibly 6 candidates and election will be by the single transferable vote system.